Saturday, December 29, 2012

On the 12th Day of Christmas... friend, Dani...made a snack together shaped just like a TREE!

Allie just loves when her friends come over to more than ever with her new play room!  Todd's best friend from high school happens to have a daughter the same age as Allie.  Danica and Allie are only TWO months apart.  We don't get to see them as often as we'd like, but we made it a point to get together over the Christmas break to hang out and have some play time. 

Allie and Danica
There was lots of playing and lots of reading.  The girls liked jumping in Allie's new trampoline!!  Dani might be asking for one for her upcoming birthday now!  With all the playing that was going on...bellies grew hungry and I had a fun snack prepared for the girls.  We put together Christmas tree snacks using apples, Fruit Loops, cheese and a piece of chocolate.  GREAT JOB decorating, girls!

Dani and Allie making their trees

Allie's Christmas tree

Thanks, Lentz's, for making the hike on over to our house...even with the new addition of Baby Katie!  Allie just LOVES babies and having Baby Katie over was a real treat to her (sorry, no pictures...I forgot).  We wish we could see more of you guys! 

Friday, December 28, 2012

On the 11th Day of Christmas...

...Mommy and me...built a gingerbread house out of CANDY!

After Christmas (when all the Christmas candy is on SALE) we got together with Allie's cousins and made GINGERBREAD HOUSES.  Allie has so much FUN!!!  Aunt Jess and Whitney did a fabulous job setting everything up and making the frosting for us.  Thank did an awesome job!  Thanks for inviting us.  We are going to look forward to this EVERY YEAR!

Allie and Ethan all ready to make their houses

Check out all the yummy candy to decorate our houses with

Allie and I worked together to make her house.  I got the house formed for her and then put the icing on.  Allie stuck all the candy on in different places.  I think she did more eating than decorating...candy was her dinner tonight!  Her favorite candy?  M&M's...of course!

Aunt Jess and Ethan hard at work

Allie is so proud of her gingerbread house!

Allie's masterpiece!

Time for pictures of all the gingerbread houses.  Good job everyone!!!  We have a little gingerbread village. 

Whitney and Allie

Mommy and Allie's gingerbread house 2012

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

On the 10th Day of Christmas...

...Santa came to MEEEE...and left a bunch of presents under the TREE!!!!

Allie was a little nervous to come into the family room Christmas morning.  Todd and I both went in first (I wanted to get a video of Allie seeing the tree and all of her gifts for the first time).  I think Allie thought Santa would actually be IN the family room.  Todd had to walk her in and hold her hand.  Once she saw all the presents...she was completely as ease. 

Check out what was left under our Christmas tree!  All for Allie!  Santa must have thought Allie was a GOOD GIRL this year because our family room was FILLED with lots of goodies for Allie girl!  Allie got a foam letter puzzle floor set, a rocking horse, a Bitty Baby with a crib, changing table, wagon, and clothes, a little people farm set, books, a Dora sippy cup, a bowling set, and a cookie monster doll.  Allie named her Bitty Baby, Addison.

This is an oldie, but goodie...Santa's elves must have made this toy from scratch

Santa spelled Allie's name out in the puzzle pieces

Allie had lots of yummy treats in her stocking.  Santa always fills up all the stockings hanging from our mantle.  Todd and I got goodies from Santa too!  Santa ALWAYS leaves an apple and an orange in the bottom of our stockings (which Allie decided to take a bite out of as soon as she pulled them out...peel and all).  Santa sure does know Allie well...M&M's, Cheerios, Tootsie Rolls and potato chips!

Allie's Christmas goodies in her stocking

After looking at all the gifts, Allie noticed the plate of cookies she left for Santa.  Allie said, "He drink it all.  We need more."

Allie SURE DID MAKE OUT THIS YEAR!  Check out ALL she got from Santa, family and friends.  WOW!  Good thing she has a brand new playroom to put all this stuff. 

Auntie Ellen and Uncle Joe sent all of us Christmas gifts, but they were accidentally mailed to CALIFORNIA!!!  Cousin's Emma and Sydney's gift were mailed to us by mistake...ooops!  We resent the packages and they arrived on Christmas we had even MORE gifts to open on Christmas morning!

Nana and Papa came over for Christmas breakfast before we headed out to church.  I made Allie a special SANTA pancake for Christmas breakfast.  All of her favorite things...banana, pomegranate, chocolate chips and whip cream!  She didn't touch the pancake though.

Yummy whip cream...I don't need a spoon...I'll just use my finger.

I feel so blessed to share Christmas day with my Allie girl.  She makes Christmas so much fun for Todd and I.  Christmas just keeps getting better and better every year with Allie here.  Merry Christmas to ALL...and to all a good night!

Monday, December 24, 2012

On the 9th Day of Christmas...

...all of my family...came over for CHRISTMAS EVE!!! 

Christmas Eve is celebrated at our house every year.  We have dinner.  We have dessert.  We OPEN PRESENTS!!!  We leave cookies out for Santa and then Allie climbs in bed while visions of sugar plums dance in her head.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful family to surround us every Christmas.  Allie's grandparents came over. Uncle Monte came down into town too!!!  We wish he could have stayed longer.  Aunt Jess and cousin's Whitney and Ethan came over...and even Auntie Linda. 

Allie looked very Christmas-y in her red and green plaid dress and red sparkly shoes.

Allie really liked her chest with dress-up clothes...THANKS, ETHAN!  It's just what I needed.  I hope you liked your Elf on the Shelf and your fun Elf shirt!  It should fit you next Christmas.

Allie, Ethan and their momma's
Allie did a pretty good job unwrapping her presents this year.  She did get a bit distracted at times.  Thanks everyone for all the goodies Allie received.  Todd and I gave Allie a wooden block set and vintage Raggedy Anne and Andy dolls.  I'm pretty sure someone in my family made them for me or my mom.  Nana and Papa Hammerick gave Allie a TRAMPOLINE (which she absolutely LOVES)!  They also gave her an Abby doll, a tunnel to climb through, an apron, books, a Velcro dress up doll and other little fun Christmas stuff like a goodie bag and stickers.  Allie dropped whatever she was playing with when Todd said, "Is that an iPad?"  Yep...Papa Ray got Allie a Tabeo (sort of like an iPad...that's what we have named it).  This was another one of Allie's favorite gifts.  Uncle Monte gave Allie MONEY!!!  It's going directly into her bank account.  She has enough presents to last her a few more Christmas'...she doesn't need to buy herself anything just yet.  Allie's Aunt, Uncle and cousin's (The Parkinson's) got Allie an AMERICAN GIRL DOLL.  It's going up on a shelf for a while though.  It's too nice to let her play with it just yet.  Thanks everyone for all of the fun, adorable, and wonderful gifts.  Allie's says, "Thank you!"

Allie and I painted another plate for Todd this Christmas.  It had Allie's feet print on it again.  I decided to make a VALENTINE plate we could display in February.  Can you see a pattern here?  I wonder what next year's plate will be???  Daddy loved it!  Thanks, Nana, for coming with us.  I would have never been able to paint this without you.  Allie would have broken every piece of pottery in the place before I would have finished.

After all the presents were unwrapped and everyone went home...Allie picked out some cookies to leave for Santa.  The cookies slid off of the tray only two times on the way from the kitchen to the family room...and I only have to vacuum up the crumbs two times.  Even though the cookies were broken and crumbled...we still left them out by the chimney for Santa and we didn't forget about the reindeer either.  We left them a carrot to share.

Santa...these cookies are for you!

I wonder what Santa will leave at our house this year?!?!?

On the 8th Day of Christmas...

...Austin, my buddy...made a yummy snack that looked just like a TREE!

This Christmas Eve morning, was spent with our VERY GOOD FRIENDS, the Ader's.  Austin and Allie are very close and give each other a gift every Christmas.  After our annual Christmas breakfast (which seems to be at Lulu's Coney Island every year), Austin and Allie opened their gifts...

Thanks Austin for the new game and case for my new Mobigo I got for my birthday.  Now I can take it wherever I go!  I hope you like your new church bag.  I really like taking my bag to keeps me busy and quiet...usually.

Austin and Allie made a Christmas craft/snack to decorate for Christmas.  Their ice cream cone Christmas trees came out soooo CUTE!  They BOTH did a great job spreading on their icing and putting on their M&M's.  Allie enjoyed the frosting and M&M's a little more than Austin.  Allie would have licked Austing's fingers for him if we would have let her.

One M&M for my M&M for my MOUTH!

Good job, guys!

Allie's M&M Christmas tree

Saturday, December 22, 2012

On the 7th Day of Christmas...

...Nana came by to see...Allie baking some Christmas COOKIES!

One Christmas tradition we love best is baking cookies...and eating them too!  Allie baked some special cookies for Christmas and to leave out for her good buddy, Santa, when his sleigh lands here on Hemingway Drive. 

Nana came over to partake in our BAKE DAY.  Allie's little table and chairs are coming in quite handy lately...Daddy carted it up from the basement and put it right in the middle of the kitchen...and away Allie went.  Allie did a fabulous job cutting out each cookie and decorating them too.  Some of our snowmen ended up with three eyes, but they will still taste so yummy!  Good job, Allie!  You baked some fabulous cookies for Santa!

Allie cutting out snowmen, candy canes, and Christmas trees

Adding the finishing touches

Check out those cookies!

Now on to Mommy's favorite cookies...NO BAKES!

Bake Day 2012

Friday, December 21, 2012

On the 6th Day of Christmas...

I celebrated at Lynnie's...where all my friends play with ME!

Lynnie, Debbie, Ilene, and Allie

Allie just LOVES going to Lynnie's every week and this week was no exception.  Lynn, Debbie and Ilene all love Allie so much and take such good care of her each and every day.  Thanks, ladies...we are so thankful to have you in Allie's life. 

Allie celebrated the Christmas season with all her friends.  Robbie was especially cute! 

Thanks so much Lynn, Debbie, and Ilene for taking such good care of our Allie girl.  We hope you enjoyed Allie's gift of all her FAVORITE things.  Allie (and I) made some treats for all her friends.  We hope everyone at Lynnie's has a HOLLY JOLLY CHRISTMAS!!!!