Monday, December 26, 2011

Our Holly, Jolly Christmas

Christmas this year was a bit different than last year.  Last year, Allie slept through a majority of the day.  This year...Allie participated in all the holiday festivities, from dinner and dessert, to opening presents.

Allie made gifts for family this year.  She made Christmas art with her hand print for Grandma and Auntie Ellen.  We hope they like them.  Now, every year at Christmas we'll all get to remember how little Allie's hands were this Christmas.

Allie also made a special gift for Dad.  She was very cooperative when I went to the pottery place to help her paint her plate.  She sat so nicely in her car seat (good thing she still fits in it) while I painted the wording and rim.  Dad loved his gift and displayed it on the buffet in the dining room. I LOVE how it turned out!

I even got a little creative this year and made Todd a fun gift.  Whenever he comes home, he always wants four things...Arby's, Jimmy Johns, Vernors, and Superman ice cream (all the things he cannot get in Boston).  I used a 6-pack of Vernors and hot glued googly eyes and pom-pom noses on the bottles.  I made antlers using pipe cleaners and tied a little scarf on each bottle.  Whaaa-la! I attached a card with a Jimmy Johns gift card and wrote "Michigan Misses You."  Allie and her momma miss him too.

Allie opened a few of her gifts...but Mom and Dad had to help out.  She received a lot of nice things from family.  Grandma, Auntie Ellen and I all had the same idea.  We each bought Allie a recordable storybook.  I really like these books.  I think it's such a nice way to cherish a family member's voice.  Allie will always have her aunt's and Grandma's voice recorded.  Todd and I recorded "Bright and Beautiful" together alternating pages.  Now, she'll always have our voices too. 

Allie and her daddy were pretty sneaky this year.  Allie kept quite the secret from her momma!  For Christmas this year, I received a gift that I've been longing for.  Since the arrival of our Allie (and double rent/mortgage we are paying...and the many $'s we are paying to keep Delta in business), our vacationing has been put on a steady HOLD!  We did take a couple short road trips here and there...but no Caribbean islands or exotic trips were in our near future. Until now!!!  Check out my fabulous Christmas gift from my two favorite people!  Who knew they could be so creative???

We are going to have a blast come August!  Some people probably think "A 1 year old on a cruise...she won't remember it."  You are probably right, but I will have the best memories to last a lifetime...I can't wait!  I'm pretty sure Todd trumped my gift, lol!

Todd and I were so excited to take Allie downstairs in the morning to see what Santa left. I think we might have been a little more excited than her. Allie must have been a good girl this year. He left her a big play kitchen with all sorts of fun kitchen utensils, an octopus toy that lights up and plays music, books, and a bag of animal crackers. In her stocking, Santa left puffs, bubble bath, a sippy cup, more books, sticky bellies for Allie's second year (just in time...she's almost 13 months old) an apple, and an orange (one of her favorite foods).

Allie LOVED her new kitchen.  She especially loved the refrigerator part...opening and closing the door and putting blocks in and out.  What fun!

Allie's Christmas gifts from Santa, family and friends

After we had some playtime, I cooked us a Christmas breakfast.  We all ate fun reindeer pancakes.  I think this will be our new Christmas morning family tradition from now on.  Aren't they cute?

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  1. What materials did you use to make the life Christmas tree and rendeer gifts