Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's my Mom-iversary...aka: Allie's Birthday

Where did this year go?  I cannot believe Allie is a year old.  I had such mixed emotions today.  Normally, moms are excited and happy on their child's first birthday.  I'm happy, of course...but, I'm a little bit sad too.

Exactly one year ago, it finally happened.  I became a mom and I've been a mom to my Allie for one whole year.  But, I'm a little sad today...because my little baby that I've wanted for so very long, is not really a baby anymore.  My baby is gone.  She's a little person now...a little person that doesn't like to sleep in my arms anymore.  A little person that eats real food.  A little person that crawls, stands and talks (in some foreign baby language).  My sweet baby girl that I've grown to love this past year is no longer.  She is now a big girl.  A big girl that climbs up my leg because she wants her momma.  A big girl that lays her head on my shoulder every time I pick her up.  A big girl that I've grown to love more and more each day that passes.  I realized today that even though I'm sad that yesterdays are no longer...the tomorrows bring many wonderful days ahead.  There are new and exciting journeys to be had.  I'll miss my little "bump on a log," but I look forward to new and exciting adventures with Allie.

This month Allie started standing on her own without holding onto anything.  Allie learned to walk with a push walker.  She cruised all over the house bumping into many walls along the way.  Allie's 3rd tooth started coming in.  It is the first tooth on the top to come in.  Allie is clapping all the time now.  She claps for "bye" "more" and "yeah!"  Allie started to give hugs.  When Todd, Grandma or I pick Allie up, she lays her head down on our shoulders.  Allie is very talkative.  She babbles often when playing or when she rides in the car.  I have a feeling she is going to be very social when she starts school.  Allie likes to ride in the grocery carts when her and I go to the store.  She smiles at all the people and always receives compliments about how cute she is.

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  1. I love this! Happy belated birthday Allie, and happy mom-iversary Monica!!