Saturday, December 10, 2011

First Birthday Bash

Sign on our front door

All ready to party
Happy Birthday Party Day, Allie!  What a memorable first birthday.  Lots of food, family and friends.  Allie had a great time and only cried once...well, twice.  For Allie's first birthday I made the cake, the desserts and some of the decorations.  Our house looked AMAZING!  We didn't go overboard with the crazy kid parties people have performers, pop singers or circus acts.  We also didn't have the room for any of that stuff.  Unfortunately Allie will always have an "indoor" birthday party due to the fact that her birthday is in December. 

Allie looked adorable in her pink and black flower print dress, pink polka dotted bow, and patent leather Mary Jane's.  I made her birthday hat myself and had a bib made to match too.

Allie cried when I put on her hat.  I knew when I made it that she would NEVER wear it for the whole party.  I was hoping to just get a few good pictures with it on.  I knew I was in trouble when I did a test drive with the hat a few days earlier.  She cried when I put it on then too.  After a few minutes of tears, and access to mom's cell phone, she soon forgot about it and I managed to get a great photo!

Luckily I have a wonderful friend that let us borrow some really cool decorations.  Allie's birthday "theme" was SWEETS and CUPCAKES.  The house was decked out in lollipops, cupcakes, candy and balloons. 

I made all the desserts and cake for the party.  I also made small snack bags for the kiddos and babes.  Each one was filled with finger foods that any baby (or two year old) would love...goldfish crackers, pretzels, Cheerios, animal crackers and graham crackers.  Each bag was sealed with an "Allie's First Birthday."

I made Allie's first birthday cake...but I had no intention on letting her eat this huge cake in front of everyone.  I had a feeling that she wouldn't be interested in cake in general, so we cut this cake up for all of Allie's guests.  There were also cupcakes for everyone too.

This was my very first attempt at making cake pops...and it was pretty successful.  I made cupcake cake pops to go along with the "cupcake" theme.  I also made some regular round cake pops just for fun.  One cake mix makes a TON of cake pops.  They were really yummy though.  We also had chocolate dipped strawberries and pink marshmallow pops.

Allie did pretty well opening her gifts.  Daddy and Momma helped out.  Allie loved all her gifts she received.  I decided to create a registry for Allie's birthday.  Everyone kept asking what she wanted/needed...I figured it was an easy way for everyone to get her something that she needed...or get an idea of something that she might like.  Some of her favorite gifts she received where blocks, a push walker (just in time...she cruises all around the house with it), a riding inflatable horse, clothes, lots of fun toys that make lots of noise, a potty (yep...I registered her for that and she, and her parents, were so excited to get it) and a puzzle with Allie's name on it.

I set aside one of the cupcakes for Allie.  She had no interest in eating it.  She didn't even touch it!  I didn't think she would.  As of now, she's not a super huge cake fan.  I guess she doesn't know what she's missing yet.  We sang Happy Birthday and Allie just stared at everyone while they sang.  I'm assuming she was wondering why all these people were in her house and singing together to a song she yet didn't know the words to.  After she got tired of looking at the cupcake in front of her, this is where she whined/cried for the second time.

When everyone left, Allie made sure to give them a party favor for coming.  Her friends received a new bath toy attached to a jar filled with animal crackers.  All the grownups took a bag home of cake pops, chocolate covered strawberries and marshmallows.

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