Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Today I Like Quacamole

Today, Allie likes guacamole.  It's not every day that she does.  In fact, every day is a surprise when it comes to what Allie will eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  What she gobbles up one day, the next she will throw on the floor.  In the beginning when I first started introducing solid foods to her, she would put everything to her mouth for a taste.  Now, she will only taste things that she either knows she likes, or is something new that she hasn't tried before.  But if it's something she has had, and isn't one of her staple foods, most likely she will turn her head away, or pick it up and toss it to the floor.  Throwing food is a whole other issue.

Allie LOVED, as you can tell, her guacamole today.  It was all over her hands, her face and even up her nose...as you can see from the picture.  Tomorrow she probably won't want guacamole though.  She has had enough for a bit.

A couple months ago Allie LOVED spaghetti.  I made spaghetti or some type of pasta weekly.  She really liked the sauce on the noodles I think.  She had the easiest time eating a penne noodle.  They were easy to grab.  If I made spaghetti noodles, I would cut them up and feed it to her on a spoon.  Now, I can't get her to eat any spaghetti.  Every time I put it in her mouth...back out it comes.  No more spaghetti!

Before that it was prunes.  Allie LOVED prunes...whole prunes (or as the bag called them now dried plums).  After every meal, Todd or I would get the bag out of the cabinet and Allie's eyes would become big and wide.  She would start yelling with excitement and wouldn't stop until we handed her a dried purple plum.  She would mangle the prune until all of the inside were eaten and only the skin was left.  But now, Allie will not put a prune to her mouth.  Enough was enough!

There have been a few foods that Allie has eaten all along.  When all else fails and she won't eat anything that I give her, I can always turn to one of these things...

  1. Peanut Butter (Yep!  Thank goodness she doesn't have an allergy to nuts)
  2. Applesauce
  3. Plain Greek Yogurt
  4. Oranges

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