Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cake Smash

This photo session was the BEST!  If you don't know what a cake smash is...I'll explain it to you.  It's the new up and coming thing to do with your baby as he/she turns one.  I saw these super cute storyboards online and HAD to do this with Allie. She is only this age once and I couldn't pass it up. 

With the help of our photographer, Denise Cantrell, we came up the cake, outfit and background.  I picked the color scheme I liked, she found the diaper cover and matching flower on Etsy (love this site...adorable, unique, one of kind things), and I made the cake.  My mom baked every single birthday cake I ever had when I was a kid.  I learned a thing or two from her. 

Allie had never tasted cake up to this point, or frosting.  I sat her in front of her giant cupcake.  At first she stuck her hand in the frosting.  She tasted it, but didn't really care for it.  She didn't want anything else to do with it at that point.  I broke off a piece of the cake and she immediately grabbed it and tasted it.  Yummmmmmy!  She went back for more...and more!

Next is when our session ended.  Allie pulled on the cake plate and the whole cupcake came tumbling down on her lap.  Frosting smeared all over her leg and stuck in between her toes.  She screamed!  We recently found out that Allie does not like to be messy.  I can understand why, because I was told I cried on my first birthday when my hands became messy.  A few more pictures were taken during Allie's cries, but pretty much our cake smash was over.

Overall, the cake smash was a success.  The storyboard is absolutely adorable.  I used this as Allie 1st birthday invitation.  Allie received a lot of compliments.  I would highly recommend doing a cake smash photo session...the pictures are priceless and you will always have that memory.

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