Sunday, November 13, 2011

Baby Proofing

Gone are the days where I can freely open up the cabinet that houses the garbage can and cleaning supplies.  Gone are the days when I can leave my cell phone, the remote control, my laptop or another electronic device unattended.  Gone are the days when I can set Allie down to play independently and run the bathroom for a quick second and know she'll be in the exact same place I left her when I get back.  Gone is my freedom. 

Our house is officially baby proofed.  The baby gate is up.  The cabinet locks are on.  The door handle locks are on.  The table corner cushions are on.  My everyday living is a little more difficult.  It take a lot of effort to remember that you have cabinet locks on every cabinet in your kitchen...I often will yank them open to get whatever it is i need...and all of a sudden I'm surprised (for the third time that day) and remind myself again "Oh yeah...there are locks on those cabinets."  And at least 6 times a day I have to put the corner cushions BACK on the corners of the table because Allie likes to pull them off...all of them off.

I think Allie was a little surprised to find out that her toys (tupperware, pots and pan) are not as easily accessable as they were two days ago.  She doesn't seem too bothered by this though.  She's usually on to try the next one.  Maybe one day one of the these will open again????

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