Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Allie brought home her first art project from day care. We put it right up on the refridgerator. I was so proud! Now I need to figure out a cute keepsake box where I can put all of Allie's many art projects she will bring home in the future.

I'm so cute, it's scary

My sweet, sweet strawberry!  I dressed Allie up as a strawberry for her 1st Halloween.  I'm surprised that she didn't pull the hat off because she usually will.  She must have really liked it. 

All my mommy friends with new babies needed a reason to put their kid in their costume more than once...so we had a Halloween play date.  All the babes wore their costumes and we managed to get a few good shots out of the 50 or so we took.

After I decided that Allie would be a strawberry for Halloween, I thought it would be cute to dress up at Strawberry Shortcake. I teach 2nd grade this year and we ALL (kids and teachers) dress up for the Halloween parade and party.  Todd was home that day so he was able to bring Allie up to see me.  She the perfect accessory to my costume.  We were a bit hit!

On Halloween night, Allie went trick-or-treating with her good buddy, Ronald McDonald (aka: Austin).  It was a little chilly out that night so we only stayed out for a bit.  Allie trick-or-treated to a total of SIX houses!  She was very nice and shared her candy with her Dada.

Ready for trick-or-treating with my pal, Autstin

Check out my haul

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