Saturday, October 1, 2011

10 Months Old

Allie is 10 months old this month and her Boston buddy Adele is 6 months old.  Adele and Allie are exactly 4 months apart...they were both born on the 1st (Allie in December and Adele in April).  For the most part, Allie and Adele cooperated pretty well for their mommy's photo session.  Allie was very intrigued with Adele's mouth.  She kept poking her little finger in there.  Luckily Adele was a good sport and didn't mind too much when a mysterious little finger was poking around in there.

"No, Allie...I don't have any teeth yet."

Awww...sweet hugs

Tooth number two grew in this month.  Allie didn't seem to notice.  Allie became very mobile...scooting all over the place.  She can transition from her belly to sitting very well.  Allie is beginning to pull up to stand and is so proud of herself.  She is a little investigator.  She crawls all over finding anything to get her hands on and get into.  Allie started going to day care when I went back to work.  She seems to be happy and continues to nap and eat pretty well while there.  Allie is learning how to drink from a straw quickly.  She loves drinking water from her cup with the built in straw.  Allie and I flew back to Boston for a week to visit Todd.  She does pretty well at the beginning of the flights, but by the end, she is ready to get off the plane...and so am I!

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