Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A True Bostonian

The time finally came when Allie experienced the fun outdoor activities for kids in downtown Boston.  Within the Boston Common (a big park in the middle of the city) is a large swimming pool with about 12 inches on water, called Frog Pond.  I walked by Frog Pond last summer a few times and dreamed about what it would be like to bring my daughter her next summer...and probably for the next couple summers, let's be honest. 

Allie and I met Todd for lunch one day last week.  I packed a lunch and a blanket and Allie and I headed to the T.  We met Todd in the common and had our lunch.  Next we ventured over to Frog Pond. We weren't planning on putting Allie in the pool, but it was such a nice day, the weather was perfect for a mini dip.  I pulled Allie's clothes off and  stuck her in the water.  You can judge for yourself if you think she liked it or not.

After I dried Allie off with a blanket I had packed in my diaper bag, we headed over to the Boston Garden (another big park in the middle of the city, right next to the Boston Common).  In this park lives the Make Way for Ducklings statue based on the book by Robert McCloskey.  Allie does not yet own this book, but I'm sure she will one day.  Only for the fact that we have spent so much time in Boston now and Boston will always hold a place near and dear in our hearts. 

The ducks have rhyming names...Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack, and Quack.  I placed Allie on one of the ducklings...we'll say was the first one behind Mrs. Mallard.  I think it would be really neat to come back each summer we are here and have Allie's photo taken on the ducks. 

Today Allie and I packed up our lunch again and headed to the T to meet Todd for a picnic lunch, again.  We had our lunch in the Boston Garden and then strolled over to the Swan Boats, another Bostonian thing to do.  The swan boats date back to the 1870's.  Many tourists ride the boats and experience the full package of the city's beauty and history.  We paid our $2.75 per ticket (Allie was free, of course) and boarded the boat. The ride was relaxing and beautiful.

This summer Allie accomplished three very Bostonian activities...Frog Pond, Make Way for Ducklings statue, and the Swan Boats.

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