Friday, August 5, 2011

Pine Banks Park

Across the street from our apartment complex is Pine Banks Park.  Hidden within the forest of trees is a playground.  Last summer when I pregnant with Allie I would often walk through the park.  There were a few different trails and plenty of shade.  This summer I do the same thing, except I push Allie in the stroller and I don't do many of the trails because they are not paved. 

Today Todd and I took Allie to the big kid playground for the first time.  We knew there was a "baby swing" but we were skeptical that Allie would fit in it, or like it for that matter.  Boy, were we wrong!  She absolutely loved it!  She sat in there for 15 minutes, smiled and giggled the majority of the time, kicking her feet through the air.  I'm glad Pine Banks Park is right across the street, because the baby swing will give us something to do on those days we need something to do.

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