Thursday, March 17, 2011

Video Chat

I can't begin to imagine how things would be...Todd living in Boston and Allie and I in Michigan...without the technology we have today.  Texting, picture mail, and video chat make our live much more connected than just a phone call every night.  Allie "sees" her dad almost every night.  Before bed, Todd and I call each other up on Yahoo Messenger and I place Allie right in front of the computer. She appears to think her dad is there in the same room with her talking to her.  She grunts at him here and there, gives a smile too.  Todd hopes that by her "seeing" him every night, she won't forget who he is.  I don't think Allie will forget her dada even if she never chatted with him.  However, it's very loving to see Todd her converse back and forth a little bit each night about the long tiring day they've each had.

Check out this cute video of Allie "talking" to her dad via video chat.

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