Monday, March 28, 2011

Sickness Has Struck Us ALL!

Allie and I survived my going back to work.  The first day was HARD...really hard.  I think I called home about three times.  Allie was fine.  She napped, ate and played well.  Things couldn't have gone smoother.  My job is a very busy job. I didn't really have time to think about not having my little buddy by my side all day long.  We were little friends all this time and now we are spending all this time apart.

Things were going pretty well...for about a week.  Then...sickness struck.  First it was me.  I developed a stomach bug. Todd's mom saved me and came to my rescue.  At that point I was back at work for four days, then took three days off.  I started feeling better.  Then...Allie got sick.  She had a cough and was wheezing.  The Nebulizer was prescribed by the pediatrician.  Allie didn't seem to mind having breathing treatments.

I was starting to feel better...and so was Allie.  Todd came home for the weekend to visit.  Then, things got worse!  He missed his flight back to Boston.  He caught my stomach bug.  I went back to work, but not for long because Todd's mom (our faithful babysitter) caught the bug too!  Back at home, calling in for a sub...again.  The ONLY good thing about all this craziness is that I got to spend some extra quality time with my Allie girl.  I cherish every moment with her.  Even if it's a sick moment.

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