Monday, March 28, 2011

Sickness Has Struck Us ALL!

Allie and I survived my going back to work.  The first day was HARD...really hard.  I think I called home about three times.  Allie was fine.  She napped, ate and played well.  Things couldn't have gone smoother.  My job is a very busy job. I didn't really have time to think about not having my little buddy by my side all day long.  We were little friends all this time and now we are spending all this time apart.

Things were going pretty well...for about a week.  Then...sickness struck.  First it was me.  I developed a stomach bug. Todd's mom saved me and came to my rescue.  At that point I was back at work for four days, then took three days off.  I started feeling better.  Then...Allie got sick.  She had a cough and was wheezing.  The Nebulizer was prescribed by the pediatrician.  Allie didn't seem to mind having breathing treatments.

I was starting to feel better...and so was Allie.  Todd came home for the weekend to visit.  Then, things got worse!  He missed his flight back to Boston.  He caught my stomach bug.  I went back to work, but not for long because Todd's mom (our faithful babysitter) caught the bug too!  Back at home, calling in for a sub...again.  The ONLY good thing about all this craziness is that I got to spend some extra quality time with my Allie girl.  I cherish every moment with her.  Even if it's a sick moment.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Video Chat

I can't begin to imagine how things would be...Todd living in Boston and Allie and I in Michigan...without the technology we have today.  Texting, picture mail, and video chat make our live much more connected than just a phone call every night.  Allie "sees" her dad almost every night.  Before bed, Todd and I call each other up on Yahoo Messenger and I place Allie right in front of the computer. She appears to think her dad is there in the same room with her talking to her.  She grunts at him here and there, gives a smile too.  Todd hopes that by her "seeing" him every night, she won't forget who he is.  I don't think Allie will forget her dada even if she never chatted with him.  However, it's very loving to see Todd her converse back and forth a little bit each night about the long tiring day they've each had.

Check out this cute video of Allie "talking" to her dad via video chat.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Shots....Round One

Allie survived her first round of immunizations.  I'm not so sure I did.  I'm still debating if I'm going to go back for round two and three.  This was the WORST!  I, of course, had to take Allie ALONE.  I have a feeling that Todd won't have to experience too many of these awful appointments.  It didn't even start off good either.  I think Allie sensed something was up.  From the moment we went in to the room, she knew.  She started crying the minute I set her down on the crinkly paper to undress her to get her weighed.  She cried when the put the tape measure around her head to measure her head circumference.   

It was torture to see my helpless, darling daughter laid out on the table with only her diaper on.  Me holding her little weak arms.  She was pinned down while THREE injections went into her dainty, stumpy legs.  Then....the SCREAMS!  Not just the normal cry you hear from your child when they are upset or hungry or need a diaper change.  This was the painful cry.  Allie's painful cry is very unique.  Sometimes I think that she will never breath again.  She cries the longest cry of breath until her face turns purple.  At that point, I start to freak out a bit.  I tell her to breath!  Then she does and she almost hyperventilates...shaking, like she can't catch her breath.  It's the most saddest, heart-wrenching thing I've ever seen, or felt.  I know getting immunizations is the right thing to do, to protect her.  I told Allie this before the THREE long needles went into her legs.  Maybe next time will be better...or less painful...for her and me!

At one point of our doctor's visit I was thinking of filming a video of Allie getting her immunizations.  Not only could I not do that (me being the only one there...who would have been the one to immediately scoop up our screaming baby to console her?), but now I think I don't want to have to live through that again...ever. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back to the Real World

It saddens me to think my 15 week maternity leaving is finally coming to an end.  I can't believe it's over.  Todd, Allie and I all flew back to Michigan two days ago.  Todd came with us to help out on the flight.  this was Allie's fourth flight at 14 weeks old. I'm not sure how the next three months are going to pan out.  How will I survive on my own? It is possible...there are single mom's in this world.  From now on, I guess I will be a "single mom."  It's way better than being a "no-mom."  We are so very fortunate to have Todd's parents in our life to help out with Allie.  They will BOTH be coming over each day to babysit while I work.  It's seems silly that I will be leaving my child so I can be other's children...I'm a first grade teacher.  I haven't left Allie for more than two hours since her existence.  How is this really going to work? 

I drove Todd back to the airport today.  I'm sitting her staring at Allie as she sleeps wondering what we are doing and why in the world we are doing this?  This is some crazy life we have here.  I can't imagine what Todd must be feeling right now, waiting to go back to a big city and leaving us here.  Leaving his new baby girl five states away.  We keep telling's not forever, we will get through this.  My new motto in life (for now) is "I just do what I gotta do!"  So here it goes...   Wish us luck...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3 Months Old

Allie started off this month by sleeping through the night for the first time!  She slept 7 hours straight.  It didn't last long...only 2 nights.  Allie did get better at sleeping though.  She started stretching her sleep to 5-6 hours at night...and sometimes even 7 hours.  Todd and I were so happy and proud of her!  Allie went on her very first family vacation to Florida.  We visited Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Ellen and Uncle Joe.  She was very well behaved on the both flights.  Allie went into the ocean for the first time and took a walk outside in the warm sun.  Allie started "talking" so much more and smiled when she saw Todd or I.  She also found her hands and started to suck on them quite often.  3 months old!  I can't believe it!  My maternity leave is almost over.