Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Boston Blizzard I thought the snow in Michigan was bad...but Boston snow is getting a little ridiculous.  A few weeks ago 20 inches fell and we were snowed in for a couple days.  Allie didn't mind because her daddy got to stay home and spend some quality time with her.  Who thought he would get a snow day?  Since then there has been a couple more dumpings of snow.  Today, however, another 12 inches.  This snow is crazy!  Allie and I are feeling a bit cooped up in our apartment here.  To help pass the time, I put Allie in the Bjorn and we take a walk in our building.  A few laps up and down the halls and a lot of stairs.  At least it's keeping me in shape.  Allie's first winter is turning out to be a doozy. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

I Love to See You Smile

Most days Allie and I take a walk to the Oak Grove Village gym.  She gets to nap in her stroller and I get to watch Ellen while I workout.  What a great arrangement!  Fortunately, the gym here at our apartment is very empty during the day on the weekdays.  It works out perfectly for us. 

Today at the gym, Allie decided to smile at me.  I'm not sure if she was just very well rested after her nap, or if I looked really silly on the elliptical...or maybe it was gas.  But it was the cutest thing she has done thus far. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

1 Month Old

Before Allie was born I bought a set of Sticky Bellies.  Sticky Bellies are exactly that...stickies you put on baby's belly.  These stickers are genius!  What a GREAT way to capture all the changes Allie will have in her first year of life.  Much cuter than a piece of paper with the month typed onto it.  I'm going to put these photos in her baby book and type up a blurb about what when on that corresponding month with Allie girl. 

Allie and I had our first ever monthly milestone photo shoot in Boston.  She cooperated very well.  I decided that immediately following her nap would be the best time capture her cuteness.  

Allie's first month life was filled with family and friends.  Many visitors came to meet Allie.  Grandma and Grandpa Hammerick came over almost every day.  Everyone was surprised at how well Allie held her head up.  She just wanted to look around and see what was going on.  Allie slept a lot...but Todd and I didn't get much sleep that first month.  Allie slept in a bassinet in our room and she wanted to eat all the time.  We spent many of the cold snowy days just snuggling inside and packing for our trip to Boston.  We all spent New Year's Eve at the Ader's house.  Allie slept right up until it was midnight...she wanted to celebrate with New Year with her awesome mom and dad.  What a great feeling to bring in the New Year as a family of three!

Up, Up and Away...On This New Year's Day

Happy New Year, 2011!  This new year's day our family of three is leaving Michigan behind.  We are off to Boston where we will all continue to live together for the next 2.5 months.  Todd will be going back to work and Allie and I are going with him while I'm on my maternity leave, which will sadly come to an end mid-March.  Boston is a great place (besides the winter weather...but I really can't complain because Michigan winters are no better).  The city is great, there is lots to do, but I really don't have any friends there and I fear that I'll be lonely with Allie.  I'm sure Allie will keep me busy, and when I'm not busy I'll probably want to sleep.  Our "living situation" is very different from the average family with children.  However, I always remind myself that I am very blessed that Allie is in our lives.  I will never take her for granted or complain about Todd not being there.  Well, I might complain every now and then...I'm only human.  But, most days I will just suck it up and do what I gotta do.  I am a little saddened to be leaving my home, my family and friends so soon after giving birth to this little angel.  This is not how my life plan was supposed to unfold.

Allie was a very good on her first flight.  She fell asleep during take off and slept the whole way.  I, of course, didn't move the entire flight while she slept on my chest.  One of the many sacrifices I will be making in my journey of motherhood.  Gone are the days where I would listen to my iPod, read a book or complete Sudoku puzzles.  This is the first of many more flights Allie will be taking during her babyhood days.