Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year New Goals!

New Year's Eve was rainy and cold!  Our traditional balloon release was a quick one! ...followed by Grandma's green punch.  Allie wished to master her back tuck in 2019.  Ayden wished to climb to the top of the warp wall.  We got some goals this year!!

This NYE we were all invited to a friends house to celebrate the new year and watch the ball drop.  Dressed in matching jammies...the kids ALL made it to midnight and had an awesome time drinking their sparking grape juice.  The parents had a pretty good time themselves.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Mercy Watson

To wrap up the second grade character reading unit, Allie gave a presentation on a favorite book character.  She chose, Mercy Watson...an adorable, silly little pig who loves buttered toast.  She did an amazing job on her presentation report and speech, and was the cutest little pig of the bunch.  Her teacher said she was very proud of her!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Wild Lights

Instead of exchanging gifts with Cousin Ethan this year, we decided to go to the WILD LIGHTS at the Detroit Zoo together.  It was a bitter cold evening, but bundled in winter gear we braved the cold. The kids LOVED the lights and seeing all the different animals lit up around the zoo.  The dancing lights was a favorite too.


Fortunately, we received free ice skating tickets that evening.  By the end of the ice skating session, Ayden was a pro on the ice.  He took quite a few falls, but was determined to cruise on those ice skates.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Lunch with Santa

Everyone was thrilled to see Santa and Mrs. Claus this year.  We were even lucky enough to have lunch with them!  Santa served Allie's favorite (noodles and salad) and Ayden's favorite (lemonade).  We even made reindeer food too!

Allie asked Santa for an Alexa and a new ukulele case.  Ayden asked for a jet ski and a fish tank...even though he didn't want to sit on his lap.  We are super excited that Christmas is coming!

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Allie is EIGHT!

Allie is lovable, sweet and so kind.  What a beauty she is becoming.  Allie loves seeing her friends at school and is a great reader.  She likes all genres of books, especially series.  Allie is becoming fluent on the ukulele and can play a handful of songs.  She loves to listen to songs on the computer and play along with them.  Allie continues to cheer and has mastered her front and back walkover and can do a back handspring all on her own.  Her favorites are the Disney channel, Lego's, and crafting.  Allie likes chocolate and peanut butter ice cream, quesadillas, and hot chocolate.

Allie woke up this morning to our kitchen table full of gifts for her...a new Heartlake Stable Lego set, white flowered headband, and a Brownie uniform for her American Girl doll and other Girl Scout goodies.  There was even a letter from our elf, Belle...along with a new Christmas shirt.  

Allie celebrated with her friends last week at the Bee's Knees Studio by painting pottery and having cookies and cupcakes.  She also spoiled by Auntie Ellen, Uncle Joe, Nana and both her Papa's!  She's so blessed to be surrounded by all those who love her.

Allie's First Reconciliation

Not only did this little angel turn 8 today, but she also had her first reconciliation this afternoon.  My sweet baby girl is now a beautiful little lady.  Allie confessed for her sins and promised to do something to make her parents happy and let them know how grateful she is.  As a family during mass, we all said sorry for a sin and made a promise to do better for each other.

Allie Godparents joined us for mass and for a celebratory dinner afterwards at Olive Garden (chosen by Allie).  We are so blessed to have you in our lives Uncle Mark and Aunt Kat!  Thank you for always being there to support our Allie Girl.