Thursday, September 13, 2018

Ayden is FIVE

Ayden is curious, LOUD and so snuggly.  He loves trucks, cars, planes and anything he can drive or fly around the house making engine sounds.  He enjoys playing outside, swimming and riding his bike.  Ayden started "real" school recently and loves it.  He comes home singing songs and repeating moments of his day.  Ayden plays tennis and takes swim lessons.  His favorite foods are Gogurt, fruit snacks, apple juice, watermelon,and apples and Nutella.

Ayden celebrated a few weeks ago with a SPLASH BASH at Heritage Park's splash pad with his friends and family.  He enjoyed pizza and cupcakes and playing in the water with squirt guns.  He received Lego's, board games and water balloons as gifts.

This morning Ayden's elf showed up for with a birthday surprise!  A brand new basketball!  We apparently have houseguests for the next couple days...

Ayden had a fabulous day at school too.  His teacher brought him cupcakes and ate lunch with him...he even invited Allie too! For dinner Ayden requested Olga's snackers and Menchie's frozen yogurt.

We are halfway to DOUBLE DIGITS!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Back to School 2018

It's official...BOTH these littles are in elementary school!  All three Hammerick's started our year at Gretchko this year.  Allie is in 2nd grade, Ayden is in the Young 5's, and this is my 17th year.  

I'm looking forward to having my two besties with me each and every day.

Friday, August 31, 2018


This summer was a BUSY one!  It consisted of lots of bike rides to nearby parks, play dates almost every week, lots of reading for the summer reading program, and a few vacations along the way...New York, Chicago, and CUBA!

Ayden became a SAFETY graduate!  He learned all about being safe in lots of ways at Safety Town.  His favorite activity was driving the big wheels and bikes and obeying all the traffic signs and signals.

The kiddos and I were SHIPWRECKED at VBS.  I volunteered as the craft leader and my little survivors learned all about how Jesus rescues us in many, many ways.  We still love signing and dancing to those songs!

Allie attended Indiana Joanna Girl Scout Camp this summer with a few of her favorite Girl Scout besties.  She participated in a color run, made a bonnet and purse, and learned all about the colonial Girl Scouting days.  On the last day the parents were invited to watch a skit the girls performed and were awarded a paper plate award.  Allie and Briella earned the PEANUT BUTTER and JELLY award...they were as thick as thieves.


We couldn't manage to find the time to travel out east to PA so Auntie Ellen and Uncle Joe paid us a visit!

Allie attended CHEER CAMP for the first summer with her mini team and the Stingray family.  Cheer camp was not for learning cheers...but for bonding with her mini team.  I was super sad that I couldn't go, and a little anxious too.  But thanks to my cheer mom village, everything ending up being more than ok.  Allie had a blast tending to the horses, climbing the rock wall, and completing the ropes course with her team.  They even hosted a dance party (that occurred past curfew...oops!) but was the highlight of their trip when all the big girls came to join in the fun.  Allie made it without brave cheerleader!

I'm so sad summer is over...but looking forward to the fun that fall brings.  Counting down the days until next summer comes!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

20 Years Together

Today we celebrate 20 years together...17 years married.  A perfect low key day at Hoffman Farms...a little gem I happen to find nearby.  We petted some horses, enjoyed some wine and had some adult conversation before heading to Matter of Taste (for the first time) for an anniversary dinner.  It was a perfect day with my one and only.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Top Seller

Cookie season was pretty intense this year!  Allie's goal was a hefty one...1,000 boxes!  Se sold door-to-door, at booths around the community, at school basketball games, and to friends, family and teachers.  Whoa! But not once did this little salesgirl want to quit (except when the temperatures were below 10 degrees...we froze our cookies off!)  She made her goal...1,000 BOXES!

Allie and her other buddies that reached top seller status attending the cookie celebration to receive recognition of their accomplishments.

Allie received an abundance of prizes from cookie sales this year...including super cool rainbow mermaid tail blanket.

The final prize took place today aboard the Ovation yacht on Lake St. Claire.  Allie and her sales partner, Briella, earned a this fantastic day!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Roomie Reunion

I'm still in shock that this event occurred.  Only ONE day of the entire year was open for the four of us to meet up and spend some girl time together.  I miss my gals dearly...and HAD to make this happen...even if it meant getting in a car for a four hour drive after coming home from Chicago just the evening before.

My girls and I spent the day on Heather's boat reminiscing about old times and catching up about new times.  Love you ladies like no other...STAY GOLDEN, girls!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

More Sights to be Seen

Todd managed to take a day off while we visited him in we drove EVEN FARTHER and spent a day at GREAT WOLF LODGE.  Before we arrived, we made a quick stop at the Jelly Belly Factory to learn how jelly belly's were made.

Great Wolf was a super fun day.  We rode the family tube waterslide MANY times (per both of the kids request) and I even spent some time working on my tan at the outside pool.  Bowling, the ropes course, story time and Yoga were just a few fun activities we participated in.